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About Us

Australian Esports Media Group

AEMG was founded in 2016 and is the driving force around Athletico, WPGI and PGTV.

We are esports experience and expertise. We’re communicators, we’re marketers, we’re commentators, and we've worked with some of Australia's largest brands. AEMG is everything an esports network could be and everything our competitors should be, bringing esports to the biggest stages - where it always belonged.

If Esports is a celebration of expression than it is that of ones limitless human potential.

Tomas Ravelid

CEO, Director of Brand Partnerships

Tomas is a known figure on the event circuit having brokered commercial agreements for world touring artists in association with with Live Nation, AEG entertainment and other artist management of One Direction , Jennifer Lopez , Bruno Mars and more.

Locally Tomas has spent significant time on Brand Partnerships for Sydney Film Festival, Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, Summernats, FIFA, Moomba and Redbull Air Race.


James Cowan

Event Director

James is one of the founding members of PGTV and has been at the forefront of industry change in Oceania. Whilst he has worn many hats in his esports tenure, he now seeks to create exciting new event opportunities with AEMG.

With 14 years’ experience as a pillar of the community, you will be hard pressed to find others with such understanding and passion to drive the esports industry further. Leaning on his experience in business development, and formal qualifications in Education, he is more than just a source of dry wit and commentary.


Peter Souvlis

Esports Program Director

Peter's drive and focus on developing esports in Australia and all around the world has taken him through all the life cycles of an Esports Professional. These 10 years of success within esports have culminated in multiple professional Esports Championships as a team player, Coach and Owner.

With previous experience in Corporate Sales, Business Development and Innovation Peter is driven to redefine and revolutionise the way players, fans and viewers experience esports.


Sean Carlson

Production Director

With production experience across multiple e-sports titles, covering events such as ESL Pro League, PGL Minor, Zowie Extremesland, Sennheiser Classic, MSI Masters, WPGi and RLOC. Sean's versatility and agility makes him an invaluable asset heading up production while his objective nature and natural affinity to business brings a unique element to the AEMG team.

On and off screen his relentless passion for esports and drive for success has been crucial to the rise and continual growth of PGTV.


Our Culture

Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire. Without hesitation. Every single day.


Australian Esports Media Group

AEMG is the network that holds Athletico, PGTV and WPGI together. We're more than several acronyms. We working hard to ensure there are ample opportunities for both people and brands in the industry.

As an idea this is something in itself worth striving for.


From exclusive professional Esports team sponsorships with Athletico to complete League partnerships with WPGI and PGTV we have an abundance of opportunity.


Via PGTV event advertising, industry influencers and the Twitch variety channel Premiere - be on the ground and connect with your audience your way.


Our Creative team are a communication tour de force. As an on-the-ground presence at industry events we allow your brand every opportunity to capture moments worth capturing.

Social Media Engagement

We do clever. We love intelligent. The social team flex their muscle in everything from savvy Twitter, Facebook and Instagram communications to tailored Gleam giveaways and influencer campaigns.

Event Talent

As esports commentators we preach but as industry speakers we educate. With the largest network of esports talent in Oceania - AEMG cultivates interest and investment in esports


As esports entrepreneurs and experts we are the go-to team for your foray into esports, your project or simply the insight into your future audience.

Contact Us

Let's talk

Need to get in touch with us? For queries relating to AEMG and both our ANZ & global operations, please email us via contact@aemg.net.au - we look forward to hearing from you.